Pagan Metal from Freising

We are Mornir, a pagan metal band from Freising in the Munich area. We founded our band in 2011 and played our first gigs at the beginning of 2012. Musically we combine all elements of Pagan-, Folk-, Death- and Black-Metal, without limiting ourselves to a certain subgenre.
After a few line-up changes, we have found our current five-man line-up, which includes the classic metal line-up of two guitarists (one of them our singer), a bassist and a drummer as well as a violinist.


At the beginning of 2013 we released our first demo, in May 2015 we released our first EP under the title “Entfesselt“. In April 2019 the single “Hexer” was released, which was produced by Michael Wöß at W-Audio. With the release of our debut album Dämmerstund in April 2020, we reached a milestone we have been working towards for many months.